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For Buyer’s Agency Service, this is answered by 2 examples:

Example 1: An investor without Guru Property’s assistance bought an investment property in A suburb for $350,000 in 2008. It is now worth $440,000 and achieves a rent of $430 pw. He is a very happy investor as the property has a capital growth of around 25% in 8 years and gives him a decent rental yield. The investor is happy because he doesn’t know how much he has potentially lost.

Example 2: Guru Property has bought properties starting from $240,000 to $370,000 in well researched capital growth suburbs in 2008. They are all now worth anywhere between $430,000 to $620,000 achieving rent between $450 to $600 pw. This means a capital growth of approx. 80% in 8 years and a very handsome rental yield.

It is clear by the above 2 examples that why you engage professionals like Guru Property. We breath property and talk the property language. We perform extensive research on suburbs before it is recommended to our customers. Had the investor bought using our research he could have bought another property using the equity that he would have gained from the property bought in 2008. He would have been happier.

For Seller’s agency Service, We generate interest for a particular property using proven methodologies. Best marketing strategies to reach the right target audience. Provide feedback and recommendations to you as the Seller and make improvements as we go to achieve a quick sale and top dollar.

Focus is on Client satisfaction, end product, achieve client’s property investment goal. Please contact us now for an Obligation free chat to talk through the fees and charges.

As a client except for organising your finances we will coordinate everything and organise from start to end

As your Buyer’s Agent, we will perform physical site visits, explaining the pros and cons of the particular property, highlight risks & issues (if any), providing you estimates, number crunching which will enable you to make a financial decision, price and settlement conditions negotiations, organise building inspection, renegotiation as required after building inspection, pre-settlement inspection, coordinating with solicitors for searches, understanding andexplaining to you the results of the searches, coordinating with potential property managers to have it tenanted ASAP after settlement etc. We do number of physical visits to the property from initial investigation stage to settlement.

As you Seller’s Agent, we will perform pre-selling inspection of your property to provide recommendations on improvements to achieve the top dollar for your property. We will then organise professional photography and market your property for the best outcome. We will act on your behalf until settlement to make sure the process runs smoothly and seamlessly.

We will start from procuring land as per your requirement to delivering a house as per your specification. We do NOT do off-the-plan House and Land packages. We estimate that for a $450,000 land + house; on an average our customers save $25,000 to $30,000 using our proven methodologies

Skype, Facetime, email, phone. If customers are unavailable for video chat due to other commitments. We send videos of sites and other information via emails, dropbox,onedrive.

The founders of Guru Property have been investing since 2003. During this time we have exchange millions worth of properties. We have ONLY invested in Queensland, which means we know this market very well. We have made profits even during the GFC.

Why don’t you contact us to find this out? We will assist you to build a solid property portfolio that exceeds expectation and provides passive income.

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